There are happy days in the life of a harlot.

There are happy days in the life of a harlot. Today was one of them.
My little rose buds (my beloved goddaughters, what would I do without them…) offered me the most incredible gift, as a way of thanking me for what I have done for them. Little do they know about what they’ve done for me. Upon entering the room, I couldn’t believe it… Powerful, there I was. A large painting of myself. Now, there is no man who comes through that door that doesn’t stay at my feet, as I always dreamed. I have to find out who had the brilliant idea, to repay the gift…. Not to mention the painter, Nuno Saraiva! My heart fluttered when I came face to face with that charming man. His charcoal gaze, long wavy hair, beard sprinkled with paint and smiles, awakened in me the desire to take him to “Madam’s Punishment”. I must believe that this story doesn’t end here. After all, there is still a bit of the wall painting to be finished…

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